With well over 1,000 user generated puzzles Robozzle is the puzzle game that keeps on giving. Ranging in dificulty from fiendishly fun to excruciatingly difficult this puzzler isn't for everyone. With beautiful graphics, a painstakingly crafted user interface, and unique game play Robozzle for iPhone is a must have for anyone who thinks they are good at puzzles. With hundreds of hours of game play, this is one that you wont be putting down soon.
  • Over 1,000 user generated puzzles
  • Ability to rate each puzzle after completion
  • Keep track of which puzzles you have completed
  • Sync with your Robozzle Online account
  • Participate in puzzle discussion from inside the app
  • In-app purchasing of puzzle solutions
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Press Kit

Bridger Maxwell
Fiery Ferret
Bridger Maxwell is the wonder kid behind the Macintosh compatible multi-touch display that made waves around the internet in 2008. Since then he has interned at Apple working with cutting-edge multi-touch technology. Bridger is responsible for Lumen for Mac, and Lumen for iPhone, as well as several other projects. When he isn't slinging code or playing puzzle games Bridger attends classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is majoring in Computer Science and attempting to acclimate himself to New England winters.
Jeff Smykil is arelatively new player to the graphic design game. Despite this he has hit the ground running having already created the icon for Proximity, the UI and icon for Photosynthesis, and the UI and icons for two other apps that if he told you about, bad things would happen. Jeff has been a contributing writer for technology website Ars Technica for the past five years. When he isn't writing or designing he spends his days working in education.